Open call: rooftop artistic residencies in Belfast and Nicosia

Rotterdamse Dakendagen is proud to be a partner in the European Creative Rooftop Network (ECRN). A group of non-profit-organisations from nine different cities, working ‘apart together’ on unlocking the potential of creative rooftop use. The network is supported by the European Union through Creative Europe. For a project in the first half of 2022 we are looking for artists and creatives from Rotterdam* who would like to participate in an artistic residency in our partner cities Belfast (Northern Ireland) or Nicosia (Cyprus).

Are you interested in urban environments, urban cultural heritage, architecture and/or urban planning? Would you like to discover the roofscape of Belfast or Nicosia and are you looking for an opportunity for international exchange and to broaden the scope of your work? Read more and apply!

In short about the project

More info and apply

Why these residencies?
Through collaboration with artists and creatives we research and unlock the potential of flat rooftops and the roofscape of cities. The different organisations from the nine partner cities all have different perspectives on this. These residencies are a form of international exchange and part of developing a common, European view. For this project, Rotterdamse Dakendagen is working together with our partners from Nicosia and Belfast. Besides this trio there are two more offering residencies (Amsterdam-Barcelona-Gothenburg & Antwerp-Chemnitz-Faro). Meer information can be found on the network’s website.

Which creative disciplines are we looking for?
The roofscape and the creative potential of rooftops are key, both in the residencies and the network as a whole. Each organisation has specified which artistic and creative disciplines best match their own projects and way of working. Both Belfast and Nicosia are open to many different disciplines or a multidisciplinary approach. Together, the three cities have formulated themes that (may be) addressed during the residencies.

In the project description (under ‘more info and apply’) you can find more elaborate information on the artistic profile per city in the trio and the themes we have established.

Disciplines for Belfast
visual art / plastic art / street art/ digital art & multimedia / performance art / architecture & spatial interventions / sound & audiovisual art

Disciplines for Nicosia
visual art / plastic art / street art / digital art & multimedia / architecture & spatial interventions

*Artists and creatives originally from Rotterdam, living or working in Rotterdam or otherwise closely connected to the city or the region.