Delftse Poort

Address Delftseplein 54

Restrictions Access from 12 years of age, no heels, no bare feet, no fear of heights, no bee allergy, no bag.

The Delftse Poort, designed by architect Abe Bonnema, consists of two towers, has 41 floors and was the tallest building in the Netherlands until May 2009. Despite its simple block shapes, the building is still easily recognizable in Rotterdam’s skyline.

The first pile was driven in 1988 by then-Mayor Bram Peper, the highest point was reached in 1990 and the grand opening followed in 1992. Originally, the building had a radio transmitter mast as a superstructure and its total height reached 164 meters. In 2012, this superstructure was removed and the highest point is now 151 meters. The lower of the two towers comes to 93 meters.

From the highest roof you have great views of the Nieuwe Maas, all of Rotterdam and, when the weather is nice, you can even see as far as The Hague and beyond. The low roof, enclosed between the two reflective towers, has been transformed into a retention and nature roof by Binder Groenprojecten. Which means the roof can hold a water buffer of up to 140,000 liters and is home to several bee colonies.

The program on this roof