Theater ‘t Kapelletje

Address between Schiekade 45 and 47

Theater ‘t Kapelletje is part of the Emmahuis housing block on the Schiekade. In 1932, the building was put into use as a home for the elderly. In 1972, the diaconate left the building and it was to be demolished. After a brief squatting period, it found its purpose as temporary housing, and artists held their studios in the building. The chapel remained and was converted into a theatre by members of the amateur theatre association R’71. That’s why it is now still called Theater ‘t Kapelletje (‘The Chapel Theatre’). 

The theatre is a meeting place for Rotterdam’s amateur performing arts in the broadest sense of the word. Many volunteers devote themselves to the preservation of this location. On your way to the roof, you will be surprised by poetry and stories about the theatre’s history. Once at the top, you will have a beautiful view of the Proveniers district and the city centre.

The program on this roof