Adjusted programme 2021

No rooftop walks allowed on the 5th and 6th of June

Unfortunately, our programme of Rooftop Walks will not take place on June 5 and 6 2021. In our search for new space in the city, we wanted to offer you rooftop wlks in duos this year. These secluded outdoor spaces seemed to be ideal for an individual and safe experience, fitting to the time we live in currently. Unfortunately, it turned out that it is too early for rooftop walks. We will not going to give up though en we will tranform our initiative programme into a series of small scale rooftop-activities that will take place from the end of June until the end of July of this year!

Why will there be no Rooftop Walks?

We got stuck in our ambition for the city: using new space. Most rooftops in Rotterdam still need a temporary permit when we want to use it. This is only possible when it is an ‘event’, one of the reason why we organise Rotterdamse Dakendagen festival. But events are not yet allowed beginning of June, not even in smaller, adjusted form. Iti is still very unclear when and how this will be possible. We don’t want to postpone our festival until later this year. We think it is imoprtant to discover new space in these months. We now need the space more than ever, and after the summer the festival schedule seems already packed. That is why we don’t want to postpone until ‘everything is allowed again’.

What we ARE going to do

The cancellation of the Rooftop Walks does not mean we are not going to organise any activities this year. The coming months we will be even more flexible than we already were! In stead walking on rooftops with a large audience (but individually on separate roofs), we WILL organise a series of small scale rooftop activities from mid-June up until the end of July. Think of Rooftop Walks XS, tours in small groups, sports on rooftops, small scale performances … we are full of ideas! Also our Knowledge Day (this year a completely online programme) took place on the 4th of June. Besides that, our Dakletter project could be seen on the rooftops around the Coolsingel (from street level).

Together with the Rotterdam municipality we will find our (legal) way in organising new small scale activities, and hopefully we can share a final agenda soon.

That is why we say: we will see you soon, on a rooftop, during Rotterdamse Dakendagen in June and July 2021!

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Photos: Ossip van Duivenbode, Frank Hanswijk