De Rotterdam

 44 floors
 Max. 50 persons
A true Rem Koolhaas icon. Not for people who want a view of the skyline, but rather for people with a passion for architecture.

Address: Wilhelminakade 139

The highest rooftop without a view. Yes, you read that right: if you want to photograph a view of the city, it’s better to skip this rooftop. But if you love architecture, this is your chance to endlessly marvel at the striped glass façade of this unique building. Or maybe you just want to be able to say to people: “See that roof up there? At 151 metres? I’ve been up there!”

A vertical city, that’s what architect Rem Koolhuis had in mind when he designed De Rotterdam twenty years ago. A multifunctional building that contains homes, offices, shops and restaurants. The building opened in 2013, but it is already impossible to imagine the Rotterdam skyline without it – especially because of its shifting towers which contribute to wind stability and provide space for terraces.

Part of De Rotterdam’s design is its facade of striped glass, which continues for 2.5 more meters after meeting the eaves. This facade takes away the views on the city. Instead, it lets you focus on the air. Or allows for a glance at the tops of the Maastower and the New Orleans.

Photo credit: Iris van den Broek