Freerun Rooftop Park Jan Prins

 5 floors
 Max. 250 persons
The rooftop will be covered with all kinds of obstacles that only real freerunners would know how to deal with. Come and watch or join in!

Address: Verlengde Nieuwstraat 15
Admission is free with a ‘Dakpas’ (Rooftop Pass) or € 3.00 without one (children under the age of 10 only under supervision)
Participation in a Freerun Clinic: € 3.00 (minimum age: 6 years)

The Jan Prinsschool has a very smart solution for the lack of space in Rotterdam’s city centre: their schoolyard is on the roof. This gives the children a safe place to play as well as a view straight into the Market Hall. In 2010, the innovative building was presented with the Rotterdam Architecture Award.

During the Rotterdamse Dakendagen (Rotterdam Rooftop Days), the schoolyard will be transformed into a Freerun Dakpark (Freerun Rooftop Park). Freerunning is a sport in which the whole city becomes your gym, playground and territory: all benches, corners, railings and rooftops are used for spectacular flips and jumps. It differs from parkour in that the goal of freerunning is not the fastest road from A to B, but rather the gymnastic highlights.

The rooftop will be equipped with all kinds of obstacles that only true freerunners would know how to deal with. And we definitely have some true freerunners! The Rooftop Kings will be on the roof all day to show off their skills and pass them on. For only €3, you can participate in a freerunning clinic. Tickets for this, along with more information, can be found here.