Gebouw De Heuvel – Rooftop of Depth

 5 floors
 Max. 150 persons
Beautiful central rooftop overlooking the Laurenskerk and the Erasmus pedestal.

Address: Grotekerkplein 5

The municipal monument Gebouw De Heuvel (The Hill Building) was built in 1959. The rooftop offers a perfect view of a hidden piece of green in the city centre: the city park with the Erasmus pedestal, the Stadspodium (City Stage) and of course the Laurenskerk.

Ever since its construction, the building’s mission has been to contribute to the well-being of the residents of Rotterdam. Today, it is still home to only social organisations. One of De Heuvel’s other ambitions is to make it ‘The House of the Conversation’ – based on the idea that only dialogue will bring us (in Rotterdam) closer together.

All the more reason for Rotterdamse Dakendagen (Rotterdam Rooftop Days) to transform Gebouw De Heuvel into the ‘Rooftop of Depth’ during the festival. We organize multiple lectures, which you can attend for free with your ‘Dakpas’ (Rooftop Pass). If you don’t have one, you can pay 3 euros instead and attend as many lectures as you like.

The English spoken lecture ‘Biodiversity on Roofs’ by Dusty Gedge, chairman of the European Federation of Green Roof & Wall Association, takes place on Saturday at 14:00:

His title may sound boring, but his talks are very lively. Dusty is coming over from London to tell you all about biodiversity on rooftops and its importance for all city dwellers. He will show the most beautiful examples from his years of experience and global travels. He wrote the book ‘The nature of cities’ and he is a proponent of diverse vegetation in cities in order to adapt to climate change.

More information about other lectures and tickets can be found on this page.