Hofplein 19

 9 floors
 Max. 100 persons
Old Shell office with spectacular views over Hofplein. A sneak peek of the newest bar in Rotterdam.

Address: Hofplein 19

A new rooftop. And not just any rooftop! On this rooftop, you can have drinks overlooking the Hofplein fountain.

Hofplein 19 (also known as Shell’s office) was the first building to reappear at Hofplein (1946-1950) after the bombing of Rotterdam. A typical post-war reconstruction story: because of the scarcity, architect C.A. Abspoel had to resort to materials for this office building that were not used in construction before. The result was an aluminium façade. In the 1970s, this ‘curtain wall’ was replaced by blue, reflective glass, which was more in line with the new office buildings of that time. This turned out not to be such a popular adjustment and, after a thorough renovation in 2018, the mirror was once more replaced by transparent glass. In 2017, there was an immense green-and-white flag on the façade – in honour of football club Feyenoord’s national championship.

In the renovated building at Hofplein 19, there is now once again room for entrepreneurs: for example, the owners of Bokaal and Weena, among others, are working on a new bar there. Soon, you will be able to enjoy a drink there. The name of the bar will, very appropriately, be Fountain. Of course, you can come and get a sneak peek during the Rotterdamse Dakendagen (Rotterdam Rooftop Days)! Will you be one of the first visitors at this brand-new hotspot?