5 floors
 Max. 50 persons
A business centre from the post-war reconstruction that was recently restored to its former glory. Enjoy its renewed splendour with a cup of coffee and some cake on the roof.

Address: Goudsesingel 66-202
Report to reception on number 66

The Industriegebouw (Industrial Building) is a design by architect Hugh Maaskant – known for the Groot Handelsgebouw, among other projects. This too is a business centre, built just after the war to fill the large gap in the city centre of Rotterdam. It is a unique building: it’s not for nothing that architectural firm MVRDV (whose projects include the Market Hall and the Boijmans van Beuningen Depot) chose this location as its office space.

The enormous national monument (110 metres long and 22,000 m2 of floor space) was bought in ‘quite a degenerated state’ by Rotterdam investors in 2015. Their vision was to restore the building to its former glory and its original function: to house entrepreneurs. Today, the Industriegebouw’s rebirth is complete as it now houses nearly 200 companies, restaurants and cafés. Well, almost complete…

It still lacks a roof terrace, which would make the rooftop as vibrant as the offices and restaurants in the building itself. This is now under construction, but during the Rotterdamse Dakendagen (Rotterdam Rooftop Days), visitors are allowed a sneak peek. Pizzeria Old Scuola will provide juice, coffee, tea and cake all day long.

Food & Drinks

Pizzeria Old Scuola will provide juice, coffee, tea and cake all day long. And that’s not all: a special wood-fired oven has been lifted onto the roof, in which fresh paninis will be made for lunch.

Old Scuola also organises a number of additional events. On Friday 31 May, Rooftop Terrace Friday afternoon drinks will be held from 17:00 to 23:00. The sky is the limit, as they say! Old Scuola brings you your favourite bites and drinks at the rooftop bar. Expect a setting sun with antipasti, snacks and amazing music. This evening entry will be free, so you won’t need a ‘Dakpas’ (Rooftop Pass) or other ticket.

There will also be an Italian cocktail night on Saturday 1 June. And you can end the festival on Sunday 2 June with a high wine afternoon.