Parking Westblaak – Plant Supermarket on a Rooftop

 8 floors
 Max. 300 persons
A high one-stop-shop that has everything you might need for your own green roof or balcony! Take your shopping basket past all the shelves... on a rooftop!

Address: Hartmansstraat 35
Free admission (also without a ‘Dakpas’ (Rooftop Pass))

This year, APCOA Parking Westblaak is hosting our ‘Plantensupermarkt op het dak’ (Plant Supermarket on a Rooftop). The supermarket has everything you need to turn your own roof or balcony into a green oasis. Do you want to grow fruit and vegetables on your own roof? Or perhaps you want to support the honey bee by cultivating the right flowers and plants? Or do you want a beautiful green balcony where you can have a beer in the summer? Then this is the right place for you!

This rooftop has the look and feel of a local supermarket – including shopping baskets and conveyor belts – but the shelves are full of plants and other necessities for a green roof. For good prices, of course! In addition, we have invited some great people that can offer inspiration to anyone who wants to do ‘something’ with his or her roof, but has no idea what exactly.

Tip: if you see something nice on Saturday but don’t want to carry it around with you when you go from rooftop to rooftop, simply wait and take it with you on Sunday! And if you fancy buying a big tree, simply come by car. Access to the Plant Supermarket on a Rooftop is free of charge during the entire weekend (between 11:00 and 17:00) – even without a ‘Dakpas’.