Dance on rooftops

For Conny Janssen, relating to the other is the essence of dance. Her motto is: “We are who we are with, through, thanks to and despite the other.” In these times, that relationship is under pressure. In practical terms, her dancers cannot practice together in the studio. So they suddenly took turns in the studio this spring, all working solo. Artistically, physically and socially supported by Conny via Skype.

The dancers of Conny Janssen Danst converted what they now experience into an artistic translation. A personal monument based on the strange context in which they now live. The results vary widely; from a completely imploded solo to an explosion of energy and everything in between.

Because it was not possible to show this to a large audience, end of June, we made registrations of three solos on top of high buildings with Conny Janssen Danst: Monuments of Solitude.
The dancer alone, on top of the city. Watch the results below.

#1: Remy Tilburg’s ‘Cotton Mind’ at Fenix II


#2: Hiro Murata’s ‘In the Shell’ at Delftse Poort


#3: Adi Amit’s ‘It Means No Worries’ at Lijnbaanflat City


Videos: Elyssio Ramos