Dakendagen at home

Fortunately, the fact that the Rotterdamse Dakendagen is cancelled does not mean the rooftops of Rotterdam are not used at all. In fact, in these times of corona, access to your rooftop is a great addition to inner-city living. In the city you will find few gardens. And balconies are a nice outdoor space, but often a bit small. From a rooftop you can overlook the city and experience the horizon. Where elements like sun and wind give you that much needed “air”.

Because you could not visit the rooftops with us, and because we are curious how you are using yours, this year, we visited some of our rooftop enthusiasts at home! At each rooftop, one artist gave a short performance and our photograher Frank Hanswijk made the pictures.

Want to know how the rooftops of Rotterdam are being used? Watch the fantastic pictures below!


Frank Hanswijk

Reza Mirjalali
Levi Manner
Marieke Hopman
Jeroen Manders