European Rooftop Network

In January 2019, Faro (Portugal) took the initiative for a European Rooftops’ Cities Network. Rooftops for Europe is a network of cities and organisations that want to stimulate rooftop use through events. By inspiring each other and working together, we may be able to achieve even more than we would on our own.
Delegations from Barcelona, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Linz, Prague, Milan, Nicosia and, of course, Rotterdam were present at the first meeting in Faro.

The second meeting was in Rotterdam in November 2019. During that meeting, we worked on a joint European grant application and drew up a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) about why we do what we do and what our common goals are. You can find the contents of the MOU here.

At the meeting in Rotterdam, delegations from Barcelona, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Gothenburg, Belfast, Casablanca and, of course, Rotterdam were present. The following delegations were not present, but are still members: Milan, Nicosia, Linz, Oslo and Chemnitz.


In August 2019, the Rotterdamse Dakendagen and ROEF Amsterdam were invited to speak at the Seoul Innovation Park and to take a look at the Rooftop Common Land project in Seoul, South Korea. It was a very instructive week, and a MOU was drawn up there as well. You can find the contents here.