Rooftop poetry

Spoken word has been a popular part of our program since the start of the Dakendagen. Therefore, in the Rooftoppings program, we post a video of one of Rotterdam’s best spoken word artists every week. From a great height, they will expose their feelings about the state of affairs in their city.

Names such as Derek Otte, former City Poet and initiator of Paginagroots, Tomáš de Paauw, founder of the Spraakuhloos collective and Elten Kiene, winner of the South Holland Culture Prize and driving force behind Woordenwordenzinnen, will speak their minds from the rooftop. Now, we also added the video of our current City Poet Dean Bowen and the video with Jens Meijen, winner of the Poetry Internationals Buddingh Prize.

Watch the videos below (since they are Dutch poets, the videos are Dutch spoken):