We cannot investigate the potential of rooftops together, this year, during our Knowledge Day. But, we do think this is very important in times of Covid-19 and a changing future. That is why we conduct a number of rooftop interviews with rooftop experts.

We visit the most innovative rooftops of Rotterdam and their creators, makers and visionaries. The director of the Dakendagen, Léon van Geest, interviews rooftop experts on “their” roof, and discusses what is there, and especially what is still needed on the rooftops.

Rooftopics # 1: Winy Maas on top of Depot Boijmans van Beuningen

In this first rooftop interview from this series, we’ll be talking to architect and founder of MVRDV Winy Maas on top of ‘his’ brand-new Depot Boijmans van Beuningen. This publicly accessible museum depot is almost finished and will open to visitors in 2021. The unique building has a rooftop park and cafe and should be open to visitors seven days a week. Léon van Geest talks to Winy about his vision on rooftops, densification of, and bringing more green into the city and of course about the depot itself.