You do You, on a Rooftop

Life without judgement: experience the freedom to be yourself during ‘You do You, on a Rooftop’ with Bas Mastboom

You do You, on a Rooftop

  • date: Sunday 19 september 2021 
  • time: individual timeslots from 10:00 to 17:00
  • ticket: regular €7,50, <26 years of age €5 
  • duration: 30 minuten
  • including: unlimited mocktails
  • location: on a green and central rooftop in Rotterdam (5 minute walk from Central Station), you’ll receive the location shortly before.

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Today’s world is complex and full of judgement and prejudice, limiting our freedom of self expression. On a rooftop in Rotterdam, in the middle of the city but far above the prying eyes of judgemental passers-by, you’ll get the opportunity to have a confidential conversation with Bas Mastboom. Bas has experienced his fair share of inner conflict and duality and has valuable insight in accepting and understanding (yours and others’) gender identity and sexuality. During Rotterdam Pride you are welcome on his free rooftop, full of fresh air and room to breathe. New energy and fresh insights guaranteed.

Whether you have questions about your own journey of self-expression and -acceptance (which may or may not be related to gender or sexuality), long to share your story with someone or you want a safe space to ask questions that will expand your understanding of others. Perhaps you are looking for a different perspective on a life choice you’re struggling with. Maybe you want to test your business proposal, use the 30 minutes to lovingly stare into Bas’ eyes or take this opportunity to run around screaming in a tutu. His roof is yours to do your thing without judgement. You can now reserve your timeslot.

For whom?

For everyone, all ages (young people may be accompanied by a parent or guardian), identities, personalities, rooftop lovers and rooftop virgins.


  • Bas lives a life with high peaks and low lows, a life full of contrast, like that between your own desires and society’s expectations, or the contrast between constrictions and obligations (on the street level) and freedom (on a rooftop). 
  • Bas is NOT a therapist, but does have tips and tricks to get out of the drag of everyday life and meet the world with fresh self-confidence a fresh perspective.
  • You may know Bas from the jury in the Dutch version of All Together Now or from the theaer production Boys won’t be Boys

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Who are you?
Are you in touch with all of your darkest fantasies?
Have you created a life for yourself where you can experience them?
I have. I am fucking crazy.
But I am free.”

― Lana Del Rey

Photography: Fred Ernst (portrait), Ossip van Duivenbode (YOU op rooftop Bijenkorf), Frank Hanswijk (City hall and Luchtpark Hofbogen)