English Festival Information

Welcome to the rooftops of Rotterdam!

What is it?
‘Rotterdamse Dakendagen’ (Rotterdam Rooftop Days) is a festival that explores new spaces, high above the hustle and bustle of the city. We open doors that remain closed the rest of the year. Join us on the rooftops of Rotterdam, spectacular views await!

If you have a question that remains unanswered on this page, please email us at vragen@rotterdamsedakendagen.nl or call us at +3110-4116693.

June 1,2 & 3 2018

Opening hours:
Open Rooftops
Saturday June 2 & Sunday June 3
11:00 – 17:00

Central Rooftop (Parking Garage WTC, Hudson’s Bay)
Saturday June 2: 10:00 – 01:00
Sunday June 3: 10:00 – 18:00


I want to visit Rotterdamse Dakendagen, what should I do?
Buy a Dakpas (sale starts April 2nd) or a ticket to a Tour or Special (sale and complete programme available May 1st).

With a Dakpas you can visit all 20 Open Rooftops at your leisure on saturday June 2 or sunday June 3. Specials are events on rooftops: dinners, open air film screenings, concerts etc. They take place on friday, saturday and sunday. Tickets for these are sold seperately.

A (guided) Tour visits several special rooftops within a specific theme, that are not accessible as an open rooftop. A great addition to your Rotterdam rooftop experience! Tickets for tours are sold separately as well, but you will receive a discount if you also have a Dakpas for the same day.

How should I pay?
Rotterdamse Dakendagen is a cashless festival. Our box office accepts only pin transactions (debit) and cash payments for the exact amount of your transaction.

Where can I book Tours and Specials?
All Tours and Specials can be booked online from May 1st (via this website, payment through iDeal and creditcard). And at our box-offices during the festival (Central Rooftop and Rotterdam Central Station).

Where will my (e-)ticket be checked?
If you have bought a Dakpas online, have it scanned at the start of your visit and exchange it for a physical Dakpas + our complimentary road- and routemap. That way you’re all set to go explore the rooftops.

Your ticket can be scanned at:

  • At any of our box office locations (during the festival weekend)
  • At the meeting point for all Tours (WTC Parkeergarage/Hudson’s Bay, our central rooftop, all weekend)
  • The location of the Special you’ve booked (15 minutes in advance)

Are there concession prices available?
We do not offer discounts to students or seniors. Children under the age of 5 do not need a Dakpas and can accompany their guardians free of charge on the Open Rooftops. This is not the case for Tours and Specials.

What happens if there is bad weather?
The Netherlands has a fickle climate and bad weather is always a possibility. We only close rooftops if there is a dangerous situation. Visitors will be informed of this via our social media accounts (you can find us on facebook and instagram).

Return policy
Purchased tickets may not be returned. Exchanging tickets for a different time is sometimes possible, please contact us if you have a question or stop by one of our box offices (Central Rooftop and Rotterdam Central Station) during the festival.

Are the roofs accessible for those with disabilities?
We do not recommend visiting Rotterdamse Dakendagen with a physical disability. Most rooftops are difficult to access in a wheelchair. Please contact us if you have any specific questions about accessibility.