Central Stories

Walking tour (no bicycle needed)
Departs (saturday and sunday) 11:15 & 14:30 uur
Duur +/- 1,5 hours
12,50 (7,50 if you have a Dakpas)
Check your ticket for the starting location, where you must be present 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time

This tour is in English

Experience the transformation that the city center has undergone, as it built to fill the holes left after the WWII bombardment.

In the 1950s, Rotterdam was rebuilt in record time. During this tour, you will visit two buildings that are a product of that initial post-war rebuild (‘Wederopbouw’ in Dutch). The Hilton Hotel on the Hofplein and the nearby Holbeinhuis, located across from the Stadhuis (City Hall). Finally, you will visit a hypermodern product of a second, more recent building spree in Rotterdam: the offices of the company Maandag, right next to the Markthal.

  • Foto: Arjan Boekel