Lunch Workshops

After the Rooftop Farmers Meet-up, we continued our Knowledge Day programme with a series of interactive Lunch Workshops from 12:30 until 13:30Like previous years, there were informal meetings about different rooftop subjects. During the workshop, at least two experts will join the discussion on the chosen subject.

Workshop topics

Workshop 1: Alternative use of rooftops

A dialogue with Sanne van Manen (MVRDV) and Sebastiaan van Kints & Laurens van der Wal (Dakdorpen)

  • In this dynamic dialogue, your imagination is stimulated about what the future of roofs can look like. Sanne van Manen, author of de Dakencatalogus (the Roof Catalogue) and Sebastiaan van Kint, initiator of Dakdorpen (Roof Villages) will discuss the underutilized potential but moreover the bright future of the use of roofs.

Workshop 2: Biodiversity on rooftops

A conversation with Koos Biesmeijer (Naturalis/ University of Leiden) 

  • Join this conversation with professor Koos Biesmeijer about the way natural capital can be embedded in and most successfully be executed on rooftops. Biodiversity is key to form a rich and green ecosystem in the urban environment, therefore Koos will take you on a deepdive into the world of the birds and the bees.       

Workshop 3: Rooftops as a new layer in education 

A Discussion with several educators from universities and colleges

  • As we see an increase of  activity on rooftops in the city, it’s time to introduce the multifunctional rooftop into educational programs. A group of teachers and professors that already teach about this topic will gladly share their experience and discuss the future of rooftops in the educational system with you. 

Workshop 4: Changing food systems in the layered city 

A dialogue with Paul de Graaf (Cooperatie Ondergrond) & Sabien Windels (ROOF FOOD)

  • City dwellers are looking for innovative ways to create a more local food chain on all levels, from direct the soil on ground level to the soil on rooftops. In this dialogue Paul de Graaf (Cooperatie Ondergrond) and Sabien Windels (ROOF FOOD) will explore the places for food in the city and how we need to connect all the levels to create an edible urban landscape. 

Workshop 5: How To Get Your Own Rooftop Activated               

A practical consultation on How To Get Your Own Rooftop Activated with Pamela Logjes en Anne Molenaar (beide van Rooftop Revolution) en Marja Haring (bewoner van Rotterdam, dakterraseigenaar) .

  • What better way to learn how to use roofs, then from the ultimate roofing-pioneers? Guided by rooftop coach Pamela Logjes (Rooftop Revolution) and rooftop-owners with all the practical experience you get to know all the steps that are needed  to have a lovely summer on your own green rooftop oasis and meet your neighbors on a whole other level. 

Workshop 6: Practical guidelines for the use of rooftops

Trialogue with Steven Manhave (Manhave), Maurice Hermens (RHDHV) and Paul van Roosmalen (Municipality of Rotterdam)

  • When we want to make more use of the rooftop landscape, new practical guidelines are needed. What are the limitations in the current situation in The Netherlands? Which existing structures, in planning, policy, construction and ownership need to be changed or developed to realize the new initiatives on rooftops. In this trialogue, the perspective of the consultant, the developer and the municipality are represented. Please join to add your perspective to this discussion.

Workshop 7: Rooftop Farmers & Bees 

A buzzing conversation with rooftop beekeepers Wouter Bauman (DakAkker) and Raymond van den Broek (Region Lab)

  • Long before humans reached the top layer of the city, bees have been exploring and using rooftops to travel through the city. Why are rooftops a good place for bees and how can we improve them to facilitate these important pollinators even better? Explore these questions and more practical bee-stuff with actual rooftop beekeepers and get inspired to become one yourself!

Workshop 8: Rooftop Farmers & Restaurants

A gathering around the kitchen table with Dennis de Waart (DeDAKKAS), Valerie Kuster (Op ‘t Dak) and Carly Brand (ØsterGRO)

  • Together with several rooftop pioneers that serve food on their roof you can dream about your own rooftop bar or have a real conversation about the policy and regulations concerning hospitality on rooftops, will you be opening a bar on your rooftop?

Workshop 9: Rooftop Farmers & roofs as a place for education

A conversation about rooftops as a classroom with Emile van Rinsum (DakAkker)

  • Rooftop farms are bringing a lot of knowledge to the center of cities, creating spaces to learn about how food grows, what nature looks like and how architecture can have transcendent importance beyond housing people. Rooftop farmers will share their favorite questions from visiting school kids while you can get involved in the conversation about the future of rooftops as a place for education.

Workshop 10: Roof valuation tool 

A discussion with Jolijn Posma (Arcadis), Douwe Fischer (Arcadis), Martin van Lent (Municipality of Rotterdam, de Doelen) and Gerk van der Wal (to be confirmed,Het Nieuwe Instituut/ the new institute) and Marcel Pleijte (to be confirmed, Wageningen University & Research).

  • This workshop is an open conversation about the new tool as designed by Arcadis; … (the Roof Valuation Tool) which calculates the financial, ecological and social value of roofs. In the designs for De Doelen (concert hall Rotterdam) and Het Nieuwe Instituut (The New Institute) this tool has been used to realize the optimal solution for the design of their roofs. Jolijn Posma and Douwe Fischer, designers of the tool, will discuss the use and benefits of the tool for the final design at De Doelen and Het Nieuwe Instituut.

Lunchworkshop 11: Rooftop Farmers & Farming Technique

A technical exchange between green rooftop expert Rob Luyk (Luyk consultores en secretaris stichting DakAkker) and future rooftop farmer Mirjam Slob (Rooftop Rumour)

  • Rooftop farms may look a lot like ‘ground’ farms, but we shouldn’t underestimate the technique hidden underneath the flowers and the greens. How do you best replicate the qualities of soil on a rooftop to turn them into lively spaces? Soon to be rooftop farmer Mirjam will consult Rob about all the details, so you can learn about the technical side of a rooftop farm.

Lunchworkshop 12: Dreams for nightlife on rooftops

A discussion with Rodney Kastelan and Bonne de Roos (both from de Rotterdamse Dromers / The Rotterdam Dreamers)

  • Join this workshop with Rodney and Bonne from the Rotterdam Dreamers. They will discuss some idealistic utopian ideas about nightlife on rooftops. Dream about the potential of bringing nightlife back to Rotterdam; and where else then on rooftops, because why should we limit the locations of our raves to the basements in a high rise city like Rotterdam. Join this inspiring dream-brainstorm.

After the Lunch Workshops, the Knowledge Day programme continued with the TOP^ Summit at 14:00 hours. Click here for the detailed speakers programme and schedule.