360-rooftop experience in the hall of central station

Location Rotterdam Central Station Hall
When 23 May to 12 June 2022
Admission Free

Will you be visiting the Rotterdamse Dakendagen by train this year? Or are you already in the neighbourhood? Then visit our installation in Central Station! From 23 May to 12 June, you will find our tribute to Rotterdam’s rooftop landscape in the big hall: an actual 360° rooftop experience.

The drawing on the outside of the installation was made by artist Laan Irodjojo, who is associated with Atelier Herenplaats. It depicts the façade of De Rotterdam by architect Rem Koolhaas (OMA). 

The 360° photo on the inside depicts the view from the roof of the Marriott Hotel at Weena. For a moment, you will really feel as if you were on the roof of this Rotterdam high-rise. The photo marks the heart of the Rotterdamse Dakendagen festival, the Rotterdam Rooftop Walk and Het Podium at Het Nieuwe Instituut, the main location of Rotterdam Architecture Month 2022. It is a great preparation for your visit to one of these events in June.

On behalf of the Rotterdamse Dakendagen, Omni VR made this and other spectacular 360° photos on rooftops. Want to admire these views online and interactively? We will add them to our website soon!

This project came about with the support of NS.

About Laan Irodjojo

Rotterdam artist Laan Irodjojo (Paramaribo, 1969) is associated with Atelier Herenplaats. After his family moved to the Netherlands in 1979, his talent for drawing was discovered at school during a trip to the port of Rotterdam. Irodjojo has Savant syndrome. People with this syndrome have a special talent that can be highly developed, often in combination with autism. Think of the maths and musical prodigies we know from stories and films. Laan has a photographic memory and a particularly sharp sense of perception. His favourite subjects are buildings, ships, aeroplanes, trains and bridges. Laan draws them quickly and accurately without a ruler, with his natural sense of proportion and perspective.