Dressed for space

Rooftop Hofpoort
Location Hofplein 20 (entrance via Hofplein parking at the Couwenburgh)
Language English 
Restrictions Only for ages 15 and above, no fear of heights, good physical condition is required (you will have to climb some stairs)

Admission €12,50

Tickets Go to the Dutch page (switch from EN to NL) and press the button on the right side to purchase your ticket.

About the performance

Jack has arrived in Rotterdam. Fully prepared. He’s wearing a DIY spacesuit and carrying a torch, a telephone and a speaker – he has been communicating with extra-terrestrial beings for many years. He is now awaiting their arrival onto the Hofpoort rooftop. With you. But in reality, Jack is worried. Really worried. He needs to tell you his story. Jack has to tell the truth. About who he really is. He needs to tell you about the recent bodysnatching and the possible invasions. It’s not the first time he has been on a rooftop talking to aliens, and hopefully in Rotterdam they will make their long-awaited appearance!

Dressed for Space is an absurdist comedy about city rooftops, fantasy and freedom. It is a story that touches on the acceptance of ourselves, being comfortable in our own bodies and minds and the aspiration of feeling connected with our collective space. The rooftop is the place to look beyond what we know, what we feel and what we dream: a future not yet spoken. Dressed for Space is a story for aliens – which means for everyone, because we are all alien… depending on how you view yourself and others. 

Patrick is a multi-award winning writer, director and performer, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He trained at the Le Coq School in Paris and is Artistic Director for Tinderbox Theatre Company in Belfast. Patrick developed the work with Rotterdamse Dakendagenand ECRN artist residency in 2022 and is thrilled to present the play at this year’s festival.