Along the water in south rotterdam- start Maassilo

Type of route Walking route (no bicycle required)
Rooftops Las Palmas (Wilhelminakade 332), Groene Kaap (Maashaven Noordzijde, at approx. 31), Maassilo (Maashaven Zuidzijde 1-2, entrance Now&Wow)
Starting point Maassilo
Restrictions Flat shoes are compulsory
Duration about 2 hours

There are many iconic Rotterdam buildings along the banks of the Rijnhaven and the Maashaven. On this rooftop walk, you will visit two industrial monuments: Las Palmas and Maassilo, as well as one of the most recent and innovative developments in this area: the Groene Kaap.

on the route

Las Palmas (1953), the former workshop building of the Holland America Line on the Wilhelminapier, was completely restored in 2007 under the supervision of architectural firm Benthem Crouwel. During this restoration, a sort of penthouse was added to the roof: an office that seems to float, supported only by thin columns. In the building itself – which, among other things, houses the Dutch Photo Museum – the industrial atmosphere has been preserved. The car lift, too, is a reminder of the past. There are strict rules on the Kop van Zuid in terms of building height and ‘sightlines’. That’s why you have an unobstructed view of the Maashaven and Rijnhaven from this rooftop, despite the surrounding high-rise buildings. 

The Groene Kaap recently received the Dak van het jaar (‘Rooftop of the Year’) Award 2021. In this housing project on Katendrecht, city and nature find each other. In addition to the apartments and shops, rooftop gardens, courtyards and footbridges have also been constructed. A green walkway winding upwards offers both visitors and residents a pleasant place to stay. The footbridge provides access to the viewing platform with a unique view of the Maashaven. 

Photo: Fleur Beerthuis

The Maassilo, the concrete colossus at the edge of the Maashaven, has a special place in the hearts of many people from Rotterdam. Some of them know it used to be a grain silo – the purpose for which the building was designed in 1906. Many pass by it every day in their subway commute. For others, the Maassilo mainly represents Now&Wow, the legendary nightclub that was located there for a number of years from 2003 onwards. Today, the Maassilo is still a leading party location, and several companies have their offices there. In 2021, the Maassilo was one of the stages for Eurovision’s Rock the Roof video and in 2019, the rooftop was the symbolic ‘resting place’ for our Sleeping Giants – an art project by Ella & Pitr that depicted the hidden opportunities of South Rotterdam.