Programme 2023

This page shows an overview of English language and language independent programme for Rotterdam Rooftop Days 2023. For a full overview of the programme, please change the language of this page to Dutch (via the top menu of the site).

A note for ticket buyers: in some instances, you can find the ticket link on the Dutch version of each event. Click NL in the top right corner to switch languages.

English spoken

Dressed for space

This performance by Belfast based artist Patrick O’Reilly uses the skyline as a backdrop.

Rotterdam for beginners

This guided tour is available in both English and Dutch.

Language Independent programme

Walking routes visiting rooftops in the city

This year, we offer a series of varied Rooftop Routes, which you can undertake all on your own. They are spread throughout the city. On each rooftop, you will discover surprising festival programme. Art, performances, history about the place or new and surprising ways to use rooftops. Each route shows a new perspective on Rotterdam.

Free events

Breathtaking views do not require breaking the bank