International Rooftop Knowledge Day 2022

Tickets for the regular programme are SOLD OUT. You can still join the online afternoon programme. Click here for tickets for the online programme.

What will the day look like?

On June 3 2022, our annual Rooftop Knowledge Day will take place. We are very happy to be able once again to explore the opportunities of rooftop use during a physical event in Rotterdam. The full day programme exists of 3 distinctive parts, the last of which of which can be joined online from all around the world.

In the morning, we will start the day with a visit to the Rotterdam Rooftop Walk (9:30-11:30). Rotterdamse Dakendagen initiated this installation that connects rooftops in the city centre with a spectacular air bridge across the Coolsingel. But the experience features much more than unique sights alone. While walking across and between buildings, visitors can experience how innovative rooftop use can contribute to a brighter future for cities and city-dwellers worldwide. Participants will be welcomed first by our Knowledge Programme Team. After a short introduction you will explore the Rotterdam Rooftop Walk together with fellow participants.

Images: The Podium at HNI (top); Rotterdam Rooftop Walk © MVRDV

After this visit, and with a  packed lunch in hand, participants will continue their day with one of our Lunch Workshops (12:00-13:00) taking place on various rooftops in the city centre. 

The afternoon consists of plenary sessions at ‘The Podium’ (13:30-17:00), a temporary lookout platform on top of Het Nieuwe Instituut, serving as the central location of the Rotterdam Architecture Month 2022. The installation is designed by MVRDV, who also designed the Rotterdam Rooftop Walk together with us. Together with AIR (Architecture Institute Rotterdam) we organise a programme full of international keynote speeches, panel discussions and the festive recognition of the Dakheld (Rooftop Hero) 2022, a prize rewarding the best rooftop initiative of the past year. The afternoon programme will focus on the four central ‘sensitive’ themes we announced earlier: Rooftop Feeling (a neologism of the Dutch Dakgevoel), Green Rooftops, Public Space and Regulations.

We will conclude the Knowledge Day with networking drinks so participants have the opportunity to get to know each other at a special rooftop location

Do you want to share in even more rooftop joy during this day? As a participant of the Knowledge Day you are also welcome to join the opening of Rotterdamse Dakendagen festival (2-5 June) at Luchtpark Hofbogen from 18:00 onwards!

Image: central themes will be Rooftop Feeling, Green Rooftops, Public Space & Regulations © Renée Rooijmans


Tickets for the regular programme are SOLD OUT. You can still join us online for the afternoon programme at Het Podium.

€10 Regular (ONLINE afternoon programme)
€2 Students (ONLINE afternoon programme)

After purchasing your ticket, you will receive more information about the programme and and link to the livestream via e-mail.

Photo: intimate Lunch Workshops on several rooftop are part of the programme © Frank Hanswijk

Overview programme

9:30 – 10:00  Opening and welcome at the Rotterdam Rooftop Walk
10:00 – 11:30  Visit Rotterdam Rooftop Walk
12:00 – 13:00  Lunch Workshops on various rooftops in Rotterdam
13:30 – 17:00  Afternoon programme at ‘The Podium’ on top of Het Nieuwe Instituut
17:00  Networking Drinks on a special location

The detailed speakers programme will be announced beginning of April, after the preparatory expert meetings have taken place in March.

The entire programme will be spoken in English.