who we are

Rotterdamse Dakendagen aims to show how rooftops could contribute to a healthy, lively, inclusive, sustainable, attractive and resilient city. We do this by organising our annual festival, where all residents and visitors of the city are welcomed to explore its currently underutilised rooftop landscape (or ‘roofscape’). We see the inner city of Rotterdam as an open laboratory where we show inspiring examples, investigate the potential of the roofscape in an appealing way and reflect on the opportunities and (im)possibilities of rooftop use. We strive to serve as an international example by organising innovative and striking projects. To serve as a source of inspiration and a driving force; through temporary interventions, sustainable projects and by sharing knowledge.

Get to know the team of Rotterdamse Dakendagen:

Photo: Fred Ernst


The core team of Rotterdamse Dakendagen exists of a group of freelancers that work for the organisation throughout or part of the year. Below, you will find their names and the domains they’re involved in. In the run-up to the festival the core team is supplemented by dozens of temporary crew members and volunteers.

Working now

Léon van Geest

Nikki Kamps

Katrien Ligt
Programme, rooftops and permits

Line Klomberg
Programme and Production

Nina de Gast
Audience and Communications

Annabel Draaijers
Fundraising and project management

Meta de Mol Van Otterloo

Megan Bossche
Project Support

Noortje Veerman
Festival Coordinator

Merith van ‘t Hoff
Audience and Communications

Tino van den Berg

Maaike Menheere
Project Support

Marlies van der Neut
Publiek en communicatie

Marleen Reijnen
Coördinator Bovenop Zuid

Amber Vos

Chris Meeker

Additional project team in 2022

Sophie Stravens Knowledge Programme
Renée Rooijmans Knowledge Programme
Bas Mastboom Knowledge Programme & Production
Thijs Nijland Technical Production
Nina Draaijers Ticket Sales (Head)
Joëlle Hermans Project Support
Diane Borst Press & PR
Maartje Zuithoff Social media support

Board of Stichting Rotterdamse Dakendagen

Marjolijn Masselink
Irma van Lierop
Wouter van der Hoog
Robert Winkel
William Stregels

Comittee of Recommendation

Jannelieke Aalstein
Winy Maas
Mattijs van Ruijven
Johan Moerman

Graphic Design

Concept & design
Emiel Efdee


Menno Luitjes


Frank Hanswijk