Rooftop Catalogue

MVRDV and Rotterdamse Dakendagen launch the Rooftop Catalogue

Discover more than 130 possibilities for rooftop usage

In modern cities, miles of unused flat rooftops await a new function. In Rotterdam alone we have over 18 square kilometers of unused flat roof. That must change, and the rooftops can provide the space to realize the housing challenge, energy transition, climate change and inclusiveness in cities. As a starting point for the realization of this, MVRDV was commissioned by the Municipality of Rotterdam to make the Rooftop Catalogue. The Rotterdamse Dakendagen publishes the book as an addition to all its activities to advocate the use of roofs as a meaningful space for the city.

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The print version of the Rooftop Catalogue is available online. The book is completely bilingual (English-Dutch) and costs €19.95 (excluding shipping costs).

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Read the rooftop catalogue online (pdf)

18.5 KM2 of unused rooftops

In Rotterdam alone, there are over 18.5 square kilometers of unused flat rooftops. The initiators of the catalogue believe that this should be addressed. Therefore, MVRDV wrote this book on behalf of the Municipality of Rotterdam and Rotterdamse Dakendagen is publishing the book. This Rooftop Catalogue aims to inspire people, not only in Rotterdam, but all over the world. It shows over a 130 examples of rooftop usage, categorised by types of rooftops, building typologies, urban challenges and UN Sustainable development goals.


On Thursday June 3 2021, the Rooftop Catalogue was launched – online- during a festive ceremony, presented live from the Kruisplein parking garage. This location is also the main location of the Rotterdam Architecture Month that starts in early June.

During the launch, Sanne van Manen (MVRDV), Paul van Roosmalen (Municipality of Rotterdam) and our director Léon van Geest provided a brief explanation of the book. Next up, an interview with Winy Maas (co-founder of MVRDV), Mattijs van Ruijven (head of urban planning community Rotterdam) and Léon van Geest about how and why we should use rooftps was screened. You can watch the presentation below.

Images: MVRDV