European Creative Rooftop Network

Rotterdamse Dakendagen is proud to be a partner in the European Rooftop Network. A group of non-profit-organisations from nine different cities, working ‘apart together’ on unlocking the potential of creative rooftop use. The network is supported by the European Union through Creative Europe. 

Want to know more about ECRN? Take a look at the website, and follow the socials: Facebook and Instagram.

A look back to previous gatherings

In January 2019, Faro (Portugal) took the initiative for a European Rooftops Cities Network, later turned into the European Creative Rooftop Network (ECRN). The ECRN is a network of nine cities and organisations that want to stimulate rooftop use by organising cultural events. By inspiring each other and working together, we may be able to achieve even more than we would on our own. Delegations from Barcelona, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Linz, Prague, Milan, Nicosia and, of course, Rotterdam were present at the first meeting in Faro.

The second meeting was in Rotterdam in November 2019. During that meeting, we worked on a joint European grant application and drew up a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) about why we do what we do and what our common goals are. You can find the contents of the MOU here. At the meeting in Rotterdam, delegations from Barcelona, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Gothenburg, Belfast, Casablanca and, of course, Rotterdam were present. The following delegations were not present, but are still members: Milan, Nicosia, Linz, Oslo and Chemnitz.

In June 2021, the ECRN gathered in Barcelona. An important and successful meeting where experience and knowledge was exchanged and relationships among ECRN-partners were enhanced to strengthen the collaboration for the coming years.

Early December 2022, the partner cities of ECRN gathered on top of the MAS-building (and other rooftops) in Antwerp to discuss the next steps in their collaboration and new developments in rooftop use.