De Kroon

 2 floors
 Max. 45 persons
Industrial entrepreneurial Valhalla with brand-new rooftop residents and a view of the port.

Address: Schiemond 20-22

The M4H area (Merwe-Vierhavens) is booming, and De Kroon (The Crown) is a perfect example of this. Since September 2018, this vibrant business centre has been home to dozens of creative entrepreneurs. The building stands on the former grounds of Croonwolter&Dros and you can still clearly see its electrotechnical history in and around the building. The rooftop offers a beautiful view over the port of Rotterdam.

There’s pioneering happening here – you can almost feel it in the air. And that is exactly its intention: the owners of De Kroon see this building as the starting point for further development of this rough area between Schiemond and the Lloydkwartier. And the Rotterdamse Dakendagen (Rotterdam Rooftop Days) are pioneering right alongside of them! Renée Rooijmans – the urban anthropologist who has just lived at Luchtpark Hofbogen, the heart of our festival, for a year – is going to live on the roof with a team and do research into the possibilities of a rooftop village: a community on a rooftop. During the Rotterdamse Dakendagen, you can ask her all about it.

Renée on top of Luchtpark Hofbogen