Dressed for Space

Patrick O’ Reilly

Rooftop Hofpoort
Entrance Hofplein 20 (entree via Hofplein parking aan de Couwenburgh)
Language English
Restrictions Access from 15 years of age. Entry only if you are physically able to climb some stairs and do not suffer from a fear of heights.

On this page you can buy tickets for Saturday 25 May. This performance is also available on Thursday 23 May.

Dressed for Space is an absurdist comedy that explores themes of fantasy and freedom. The narrative delves into the acceptance of one’s self, the comfort of being in one’s own skin, and the aspiration to feel connected to the shared space around us. The rooftop is a perfect vantage point to transcend our known experiences, feelings, and dreams, envisioning a future yet to be discussed. Dressed for Space is a story for the aliens secretly living among us, and thus a story for all of us. 

Patrick O’Reilly developed this solo piece during a residency at the Rotterdam Rooftop Days. O’Reilly is a multiple award-winning writer, director, and actor, residing in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He trained at the prestigious Le Coq School in Paris and currently holds the position of artistic director at the Tinderbox Theatre Company in Belfast.

This performance is also available on Thursday 23 May