Nagasaki Swim

Concert on the rooftop oF de Doelen

Rooftop de Doelen
Entrance Kruisplein 40

About the music

With his new album Everything Grows, Rotterdam songwriter Jasper Boogaar brings a glorious hymn to the everyday, to the shitty days, to self-development in a disrupted world. Together with (ex) band members, acquaintances and alt-country comrades such as Mike Brenner and Molly Germer, who all leave their mark on this new album. Boogaard faces the world and sees his working method reflected in the trees, in the birds, in the changing climate. His work is often reminiscent of Big Thief, Florist and John Prine. Boogaards love of jaunty country-folk and Eleverumesque naturalism feel more aligned than ever. 

over de locatie

De Doelen is a concert and conference center hosting around 600 concerts and 450,000 concert-goers annually. In 2022, the roof of this enormous building was transformed into a green oasis with an area equivalent to ten tennis courts of vegetation.