Pilgrimage to the 40th floor

This program item has been cancelled. Do you have any questions? Email us or send us a message via the chat.

Rooftop Delftse Poort
Location Delftseplein 54, at the back near Kiss & Ride/the side of the taxi rank
Restrictions To participate, it is important that you are in very good physical condition! You may only participate wearing sportswear.

Do you want to go high up all by yourself and do you love a challenge? Is sweating it out no problem for you? Or would you like some time to reflect during a brisk walk up a lot of stairs? Forget the Dolomites, climb the Delftse Poort. It’s only 40 floors – you can manage that! 

Every few minutes, a participant starts and goes up the stairs. We will record your starting time and the time you arrive on the rooftop. You will be given water and sports drinks along the way. Once at your destination, you will be rewarded with one of the most beautiful views of the city of Rotterdam. On clear days, you can see as far as The Hague and sometimes even further! A photographer will capture this memorable moment for you. The photograph will be sent to you later. 

Put on your sportswear and join this pilgrimage in a tracksuit!