Journey through the 20th century

Note: This route is cancelled. Two of the three roofs can still be visited as a free programme, though! Take a look here:

Music on the roof of New Grounds (13:00 – 17:15)
Spoken word by Spraakuhloos on the Rotterdam Building can be found on the 11th floor (instead of on the 14th) at our central rooftop (11:00 – 17:00)

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About the programme

This programme will give you an idea of how varied 20th-century architecture is. From a classic school building to a modern tower made of steel and concrete. During this tour, you can enjoy rooftop musicians and spoken word artists and learn all about the local food from the Natuurmonumenten association.

New Grounds is located in the former HBS on ‘s Gravendijkwal. It is a monument school building from the early 20th century. The building is now managed by SKAR, which manages creative incubators throughout Rotterdam. In consultation with the municipality, SKAR, Dansateliers and GROUNDS developed a plan to turn the former school into a new incubator for the performing arts. On the roof, you will enjoy the view over the New West district and will be surprised by ‘rooftop musicians’ from New Grounds, the venue for new talent that is now located there.

Central Post, a fully renovated former post sorting office, is located right next to Rotterdam Central Station. The rooftop is a ‘catwalk’ with views on all sides, which makes a walk on this wide rooftop feel like a city walk up above. On entering the building, make sure to take the stairs to the top – that’s where you can view Louis Roode’s beautiful glass mosaics. 

This building is an important monument (national monument since January 2019) from the reconstruction period after the Second World War. There used to be a direct connection with the railway at the back, so that all post could be transported by train immediately after sorting. Since its renovation in 2009, Central Post has become one of the most sustainable buildings in the Netherlands. It is now used as an office building by various companies.

The Rotterdam Building (14th floor) between Lijnbaan and Coolsingel was built in the 1970s by architect Kraaijvanger. The progressive design at the time proved not as timeless as hoped. Due to the closed nature of the building, it has been largely empty in recent years. Currently, the Rotterdam Building is being completely renovated and will have a stronger connection to the city with a more transparent plinth course. While visiting this rooftop, you will feel like you are in the middle of the bustling city, looking down on the vibrancy of the city centre and the modern buildings surrounding Lijnbaan.