Sensing Rooftops

Rooftop Maassilo

Location Maashaven Zuidzijde 1-2 (entrance via Now & Wow)

Restrictions Accessible from 15 years onwards. No shoes with heels. Access only if you can walk well and are not afraid of heights

Sensing Rooftops: Through which lens are you looking?

In Sensing Rooftops, dancer Ilja Geelen and filmmaker Yassine Abouhamid take you on their exploration of different rooftops in Tilburg and in Tangier, Morocco. They have collected visual, dance and information material that deliver a colourful mix of perspectives. During the Rotterdamse Dakendagen, they will offer this material in a dialogue with the public for the first time. A work in progress to which you can make a valuable contribution! Immerse yourself in a collage of live performance, film footage, stories and reflections on the many themes the duo encountered while dancing on rooftops. The performance begins with film footage inside the building and ends with an intimate solo dance performance on Maassilo’s rooftop.

Yassine and Ilja used the camera as a lens to look at the dance, the dance as a lens to look at the rooftop and the rooftop as a lens to look at their two different homelands. Because rooftops offer not only views and overview, but also insights into all kinds of customs, habits, attitudes and aesthetics. Through which lens do you look at rooftops, and through which lens does the rooftop make you look? What perspective will you give us?

Ilja Geelen (26) is a dancer and choreographer from Tilburg. She works as a dance creator and teacher in Morocco and the Netherlands.
Yassine Abouhamid (22) is a filmmaker from Meknes, Morocco. He specialises in dance films. After several short films and documentaries, Sensing Rooftops allows him to look for more experimental, non-narrative forms.