Rethinking Rooftops

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On June 2nd, 2023, Rotterdam Rooftop Days is organising Rethinking Rooftops, a day of international knowledge exchange focused on the potential of rooftop space in urban areas. Professionals in architecture, urban design, construction and creative industries from the Netherlands and cities worldwide will convene in Rotterdam to collectively envision the future of urban rooftops. Together we will work towards shaping a shared rooftop heritage while gaining new perspectives on our local narratives for rooftop use.

The festival’s annual knowledge program has been given a new name this year, emphasising the idea of utilising existing rooftops for new impulses in urban development. By shifting the perspective and rethinking the city from a rooftop vantage point, participants can explore new financial and policy stimuli to catalyse the reinvigoration of urban spaces. The programme brings together all domains involved in rooftop use, technological, ecological, legal, social, climate resilience and more.

New in this year’s programme

Returning visitors will find a restructured programme offering tailor-made exchanges for different groups, ensuring each visitor finds connection with their line of work. The programme will feature new rooftop locations that are sure to stimulate the creative process, including a visit to the special project Bovenop Zuid, where six football pitches of rooftop space are transformed into an art park.


Full plenary programme announced
With speakers on systemic change, spearheading rooftop healing environments and radical greening of cities. We will also fill your notebooks with all the facts and figures you need to support your next rooftop conversation.

Excursions and workshops
When you join for a full day programme you will be able to select one of our excursions and workshops about many different aspects of rooftop use.

SCHEDULE of the day

Date: 2 June 2023
Main Location: Las Palmas (rooftop)

Option for a full day or half day programme. Can be combined with additional rooftop visits and networking opportunities on Saturday 3 June.

full day

  • Starts at 10 am
  • Group visit to Bovenop Zuid
  • Lunch + workshops and excursions
  • Keynotes and plenary programmes
  • Networking drinks
  • Optional: light dinner
  • Cost: €75
  • Choose workshop beforehand

Half Day

  • No morning programme
  • Starts at 1 pm
  • Group Visit to Bovenop Zuid
  • Keynotes and plenary programmes
  • Networking drinks
  • Optional: light dinner
  • Cost: €40
  • Limited availability

Students pay €35 for a full day programme. Choice of excursions and workshops will be offered following registration.