become a volunteer at rotterdamse dakendagen

Welcome! This is the general page for the volunteers of the Rotterdam Rooftop Days 2024. On this page you will find all the information you need to get started as a volunteer.

Rotterdam Rooftop Days takes place from Thursday 23 May until Sunday 26 May 2024 (only previews in the evening on Thursday). If you would you like to sign up as a volunteer, but haven’t done that yet…

What happens on the rooftops?

We’re back with a varied programme and a slightly different approach than past years. There are four types of programme this year:

Open rooftops

This edition there is again a selection of open rooftops where you can choose which rooftops you want to explore. With a ‘Dakpas‘, visitors can experience the open rooftops on Saturday or Sunday. Every rooftop features diverse programming, ranging from info about the architecture to a small waterpark…

Tour rooftops

These rooftops can only be visited with a guide. Each tour and each guide has a different perspective and will give the visitors different insight than they might get on their own.

Neighborhood Rooftops (Wijkdaken)

These roofs are just a bit out of the center, but are no less fun. The concept of a neighborhood rooftop is that it is free to access and the rooftop programming is primarily geared toward local residents.


As every year, there will also be theater performances and film showings at great heights, including at the well-known Maassilo, ‘de Heuvel’, and the Hofpoort.

What are the locations?

We will be visiting rooftops we’ve opened to the public before, but of course there are also new rooftops in sight. Not every rooftop needs volunteers. This year we are also working with clusters. This means that in your shift, if you sign up for a cluster, you will have at least one change of location. This allows you to be on two different rooftops during your shift and which makes it more fun. The locations and shifts will be announced on the website as soon as possible.

Festive closing of Rotterdam Rooftop Days 2024

As the closing of Rotterdam Rooftop Days 2024, we would like to invite all volunteers to a festive and exclusive event! Further information will follow later via email.

If you still have specific questions after getting this information, please let us know at  and we will get back to you as soon as possible! See you on the roof!


Why should I become a volunteer?

It’s very simple: volunteers make these kinds of festivals and events in Rotterdam possible. It is our mission to use the rooftops of Rotterdam for the benefit of all city residents. And nothing beats the hospitality of committed people who care about the city. We therefore want to ensure that volunteering for Rotterdam Rooftop Days 2024 is an unforgettable experience, full of exclusive rooftops, beautiful views and a close-knit team feeling.

What is expected of volunteers?

As a volunteer you are the first point of contact for the Rotterdam Rooftop Days and you will help visitors by scanning their tickets, answering questions and showing them the way.

A positive and active attitude is therefore important and therefore it is essential that you have fun during your shift.

How many hours does a shift last?

Shifts are flexible and will be tailored to your availability. Each shift lasts from 4 to 8 hours. This year we will be working with alternating shifts, this means that you will change locations after 2-3 hours and thus be on two roofs during the day.

How many shifts must each volunteer work?

There is no mandatory minimum number of shifts, but we are of course most helped if you can be present for several days during the festival. After the first day, we’re well into it and then it’s nice to bang on with the same team for another day to make the festival a success together.

When is the schedule final?

Of course you want to know in time when you will start working. From about March 14 you can choose all your shifts, then you know exactly where you stand. And also keep Sunday evening, May 26, free for a spectacular and fun finale to the festival weekend.

What does your volunteer experience look like?

In return for your support, you’ll receive a goodiebag from the RDD team with an RDD t-shirt, lunch, snacks and drinks for the entire day. And you’ll be guest of honor at an exclusive rooftop event for the festival team (more on this later!).

Before the festival takes place from Thursday, May 23 to Sunday, May 26, 2024, we would like to invite all volunteers to the official volunteer meeting, a casual introduction to all volunteers and the rest of the RDD team. Also, as a volunteer this year, you will receive a face book through the mail, this lists all RDD staff and site managers you can get in touch with.

The volunteer meeting will take place on May 13, 2024, specifically the time and location will follow in a separate mailing to volunteers.

How will I be scheduled?

To schedule our volunteers, we use the scheduling and ticketing system Stager. This allows you to choose online the shift that best fits your availability.

Never worked with Stager before? No worries! Here is an explanation of how it works in a few steps.

Have you worked with Stager before and does it not work well for you? Please indicate this in the registration form (or send an email to if you have already registered) and we can help you by scheduling you manually.

Belangrijke data vrijwilligers 2024

Register as a volunteer via application form: from Feb. 29, 2024
Sign up for your shifts in Stager: from March 14, 2024
Volunteer meeting RDD 2024: 13 May 2024
Festival Rotterdam Roof Days 2024: 23 May to 26 May 2024
Closing party for all volunteers: 26 May 2024