Heineken Building

Address: Crooswijksesingel 50

The Heineken building was designed in 1932 by Rotterdam architect Willem Kromhout as an expansion of the eponymous brewery. The location of this building was strategically chosen because of the Rotte river for incoming and outgoing shipments and the presence of multiple water sources. The monumental part that you can visit during the Rooftop Days served as the headquarters of the factory and has recently been completely renovated.

Since 1922, Kromhout had been involved in the expansion of the brewery’s factory buildings. He was tasked with bringing unity to the messy factory grounds. His most significant contributions were the realisation of the tall boiling house building, the actual brewery, the coal conveyor, the grain silo, and an office building. In 1968, Heineken moved to a modern complex in Zoeterwoude, and the factory buildings were replaced by residential buildings. The only remaining building by Kromhout is the office building with an Art Deco interior from 1932, which you can visit during the Rooftop Days. It was restored in 2000 by Rob van Erk (EGM) on behalf of the Stichting Stadsherstel.