Rooftop Inspiration

At Rotterdamse Dakendagen, we are always full of rooftop inspiration. But around us, we also see great creative rooftop initiatives and projects being developed. Due to the densification of cities, rooftops and balconies play an important role in the daily lives of citizens. On this page, we love to share inspiring rooftop initiatives and articles with you. We hope you will find inspiration for your own rooftop, a rooftop in your neighbourhood or about the rooftop possibilities in general.


For our Rooftopics series, Léon van Geest visits the most innovatieve rooftops of Rotterdam and their creators, makers and visionaries. He interviews the experts on ‘their’ rooftop, discusses what is there and, more importantly, what is needed on the rooftops.

Rooftop Catalogue

In June 2021, MVRDV and Rotterdamse Dakendagen, together with the Municipality of Rotterdam, launched the Rooftop Catalogue. In the book you’ll find over 130 possibilities to use your rooftop. Get inspired! the catalogue is for sale via NAI Booksellers.

European Creative Rooftop Network

Rotterdam Rooftop Days is a part of the ECRN, Europe’s first network dedicated to promoting rooftop use in cities around the continent. Together we can share knowledge and promote the use of rooftops for future-proof cities and building communities by discovering possibilities for new public spaces. ECRN is supported by Creative Europe.

Rooftop Farmers meet-up

Are you a rooftop farmer or do you have ambitions to do something agricultural on a roof? During our 2021 Knowledge Day, we organised (together with DakAkker) the first European Rooftop Farmers Meet-up. Rooftop Farmers from all over Europe gathered (online) to exchange knowledge, inspire each other and to discuss the future possibilities. You can re-watch the entire meet-up online on our Youtube channel.

Nationaal Daken Plan: dutch partners united

The Nationaal Daken Plan is a coalition of partners that want to use rooftops for climate adaptation, urbanisation and densification, sustainable energy, biodiversity and health challenges. New organisations can also participate in the plan. From companies and provinces to citizen initiatives, everyone can sign up. Do you want to contribute?

Roofscape: an interactive policy tool

The municipality of Rotterdam, MVRDV and Superworld created an interactive policy tool: RoofScape. The software is meant to be a next step in visualising the promise and possibilities of rooftop use. You can learn about it by watching a short video.

Rotterdam Municipality creates green rooftops

The Municipality of Rotterdam is a great supporter of creating green rooftops and installing solar panels. Since 2020, you can ask for a subsidy to create a green roof or for water retention on your roof.

Sedumdak in nieuwbouwwijk

Improving your living environment, according to Nature Today

Why does a green roof makes you happy? And where lie your opportunities? Read about the experiences of two proud rooftop owners. The article is also full of handy and fun links for professionals and anyone who wants to do something with rooftops. You’ll also find some useful insides on green facades!

Prepare yourself for extreme weather with Rotterdams Weerwoord

Due to climate change, the weather is becoming more and more extreme. This also has consequences for cities and brings riscs with it. Do you want to do something to make the city more resilient for the future? On the website of Rotterdams Weerwoord, you will find all kinds of possibilities and tips to do this. From lifting tiles to various subsidies you can apply for. (Website in Dutch)

Scientific research on rooftops

We regularly collaborate with students and their scientific studies. From transformation, to water retention or policy, we collected a wide range of rooftop related topics. We are happy to share these studies with you here. Get inspired and deepen your knowledge.

The future of rooftop use

From 26 May until 26 June 2022, visitors could visit the Rotterdam Rooftop Walk for a stroll through a future vision on cities, full of innovative rooftop solutions. You can still see the exhibition, including all partners and initiators on our website. Get inspired!

On top of sustainability

In 2021, Peter Frandsen did research for his master thesis with us at Rotterdamse Dakendagen. He also wrote an article on his vision for rooftops and how they can contribute to a resilient city and how Rotterdamse Dakendagen contributes to this for the city of Rotterdam.

Want to read more? We regularly add new rooftop inspiration to this page.