Rethink Rooftops 2024

Rethink Rooftops is the international knowledge day of the Rotterdam Rooftop Days and the first ever annual event centred on international rooftop exchange. Anyone who is professionally interested in utilising and (re)designing urban rooftop space is welcome to exchange experiences, get inspired and… rethink rooftops! Topics will range from housing on rooftops (topping up or ‘optoppen’ in Dutch) to comparing rooftop policy between European cities.

Full programme announced

Check out the full day’s programme including plenary speakers Francine Houben, Beatrice Galilee and Emiel Arends.

About the day

In the morning we have several community meet-ups planned as well as a tour to two innovative Rotterdam rooftop projects. We will meet again for lunch at the roof of Las Palmas and spend the afternoon filled with inspiring talks, surprising presentations and small group conversations.

Included in the event price

  • Food and drinks (lunch and a light dinner)
  • Workshops and tours (including transport between locations)
  • Plenary programme

Not included

  • Parking (location is very easily accessible via public transport)
  • Overnight stays

Who can attend?

Anyone with an occupational interest in rooftop use can attend, the programme is designed for a mix of different urban professionals and students. The language of the event is English, the audience will be a combination of Dutch speakers and international guests. Policy makers, (landscape) architects, roofing professionals, developers, building owners etc all are welcomed. Students are eligible for a 50% discount on the event price (€42,50 including lunch and a light dinner). When you buy a ticket on this page your participation is confirmed and we will keep you up to date on the programme via email.

If you have any questions about the programme or your attendance, please contact Emma van Dam at

Top-UP Ambitions with Province Zuid-Holland

To combat the Dutch housing crisis, Provincie Zuid-Holland and many partners are working together to top up existing buildings. In Zuid-Holland alone, almost 30.000 residences could be realised on existing residential structures. During Rethink Rooftops, a consortium led by the Province will discuss the potential and this ambition.

Cooperation with Nationaal Dakenplan

How do we organise the available 1300 km2 of available roofs in the Netherlands in such a way that we, as a society, benefit the most from it? Each in their own way, the public-private partners of the Nationaal Dakenplan (Dutch National Rooftop Plan) are committed to giving this extra space a sustainable purpose. Before the plenary programme of Rethink Rooftops, the partners of the National Rooftop Plan will discuss the progress of their working groups and look ahead to The Rooftop Agreement, which will be finalised in November. NDP partners can attend this morning programme for free and receive discount on the entrance fee for the rest of the day. They will receive a discount code via the NDP newsletter. If you represent a business, knowledge organisation or governmental body and you are interested in joining the NDP, please contact

About the location

The beautiful and inspiring rooftop of Las Palmas will once again be the main location for Rethink Rooftops. From here, we will arrange any necessary transport to tour locations. the best way to reach the rooftop is through public transport.