rooftop routes

This year, we offer a series of varied Rooftop Routes, which you can undertake all on your own. They are spread throughout the city. On each rooftop, you will discover surprising festival programme. Art, performances, history about the place or new and surprising ways to use rooftops. Each route shows a new perspective on Rotterdam.

The stroll across the rooftops in your route form a nice walk or bike tour through the city. You’ll visit the rooftops in a certain order. When purchasing your ticket, you choose your start location and start time. The rooftops are never more than 15 minutes away from each other, 45 minutes after your arrival at a roof, you are expected to arrive at the next roof. In total, it will take around 2 hours to visit 3 rooftops.

The Rooftop Routes are unguided, but on each location our crew will be present to welcome you at the building.

For the English descriptions of the Rooftop Routes, click on the Dutch overview page and select the preferred event. Then click the ‘EN’ button in the top right corner. Purchase your tickets via de NL-version of the event.