The Rooftop Landmark

Antwerp artist Larsen Bervoets let his creativity speak on rooftops across Europe in 2023. One artwork on six rooftops in six cities in six (or actually seven) countries. For his ‘Rooftop Landmark’, Larsen was inspired by the colours of the flags of the six countries. A variation was created in each city: same shapes and colours, but with a different arrangement and message. The shapes almost seem to float through the play of light and shadow. Larsen was supported in all locations by local volunteers who were allowed to contribute ideas. This resulted in a uniform series of rooftop paintings totalling 5000 m2: six rooftops come together in one enormous artwork, from Gothenburg to Nicosia!

The Rooftop Landmark is a project of the European Creative Rooftop Network (ECRN), Rotterdamse Dakendagen is one of the partners in the network. ECRN is supported by Creative Europe.

Göteborg, Sweden – april 2023

On top of the parking garage of the renowned Nordstan shopping center in Gothenburg, Larsen Bervoets, together with students from Göteborgs Konstskola, has realised the first Rooftop Landmark – a painting spanning nearly 2000m2! An impressive convergence of art and architecture, facilitated by Tomas Lundberg and Magdalena Forshamn of Folkstaden.

Rotterdam – mAy 2023

A second masterpiece atop the Zuidplein Shopping Center in Rotterdam! With the assistance of students from OSG Hugo de Groot, the second Rooftop Landmark has come to life, enriching the Rotterdam roofscape on the south side of the river. This artwork was part of the larger exhibition “Bovenop Zuid,” a project by Rotterdamse Dakendagen involving more than 30 artists.

Chemnitz, Germany – june 2023

On top of the monumental concert hall ‘Stadthalle’ in Chemnitz, Larsen’s third work came to fruition with the assistance of Höhenservice Straß and students from Chemnitzer Schulmodell. The project was facilitated by project managers Sabine Fekete and Anely Jeromin on behalf of the municipality of Chemnitz. Chemnitz has been chosen to be one of the European Capitals of Culture in 2025 and is currently working on the program for this event.

Faro, Portugal – June 2023

As temperatures began to rise in Southern Europe, the fourth Rooftop Landmark by artist Larsen Bervoets was presented at the Festival Acoteia (Faro Rooftop Festival) in the Algarve. This collaboration was made possible through the partnership with the Municipality of Faro and the GAMA RAMA Gallery.

Nicosia, Cyprus – september 2023

Artworks grace the rooftops of not just one but two locations in Nicosia! These rooftops are situated within the same city but in two different countries: the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. In a creative intervention, Lars Bervoets’ work artistically connects the two sides of the Green Line at altitude. The shapes painted on the EU side gracefully move as wooden figures to a rooftop on the Turkish side, carried by the volunteers of the project, inhabitants from both sides of the Green Line. Facilitated by Marina Kyriakou and Urban Gorillas.

Antwerpen, BelgiUM – oCtober 2023

A homecoming for Larsen, this final piece located at the AP Hogeschool Campus Spoor Noord in Antwerp. From the newly delivered hospital, you have a direct view of this colourful addition to the city. The last part of the Roofscape Landmark Project was made possible with the support of Mathias Onza and Heleen Vanden Bergh from the City of Antwerp.