De Doelen

Address Schouwburgplein 50

‘De Doelen’ is a concert and convention center with about 600 concerts and 450,000 visitors per year. In 2022, the rooftop of this enormous building was transformed into a green oasis with over ​​ten tennis courts of vegetation. Beneath the green rooftop, a system of crates has been installed to retain about 2000 bathtubs of rainwater. Five insect hotels and 84 species of native herbs, bulbs, ornamental grasses, plants, and shrubs contribute to increased biodiversity in the city. On the Schouwburgplein side, a 480 m² wooden deck was created, intended for educational, social, and cultural activities.

The sustainable rooftop at de Doelen is one of the projects of Life@Urban Roofs, part of the European LIFE program for environmental and climate action. The rooftop contributes to the ambitions of the municipality of Rotterdam in areas of sustainability and climate adaptation, the realization of an additional 20 hectares of green space, and the improvement of biodiversity in the city.

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