Luchtpark Hofbogen

Address Raampoortstraat 15 (Hofbogen, voormalig Station Hofplein)

Please note to walk over the Hofbogen (Over De Bogen) you need to book a timeslot via, this is not included in your visit to Luchtpark Hofbogen

In 2024, Luchtpark Hofbogen serves as one of the central locations of Rotterdam Rooftop Days, featuring a park filled with water fun, an information point, and a cozy spot for a cup of coffee. Additionally, it is the starting point of “Over De Bogen,” the musical walk over the Hofbogen that we organize with Festival O. from 17 to 26 May.

Luchtpark Hofbogen is part of a 1.9-kilometer-long viaduct, which was used as a train connection between Rotterdam and The Hague as early as 1909. Subsequently, the Randstadrail ran here until 2010. Since then, it had been quiet for a long time and it was unclear for years what would happen to the station. The beautifully renovated arches in the plinth filled with shops, offices, and restaurants, but the rooftop remained empty. That changed when Luchtpark Hofbogen officially opened in 2018 as a semi-public city park.

There are grand, green plans for the redevelopment of Luchtpark Hofbogen and the entire Hofpleinlijn route. In 2027, the Hofbogenpark will be opened. View the interview about the plans that our director Léon van Geest had with chief designer Dirk van Peijpe of De Urbanisten here.

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