Address Maashaven Zuidzijde 1-2

Restrictions Access from 15 years old, no heels, good physical condition is required

This concrete colossus at the edge of the Maashaven has a special place in the hearts of many people from Rotterdam. Some of them know it used to be a grain silo – the purpose for which the building was designed in 1906. Many pass by it every day in their subway commute. For others, the Maassilo mainly represents Now&Wow, the legendary nightclub that was located there for a number of years from 2003 onwards. Today, the Maassilo is still a leading party location, and several companies have their offices there.

The fully enclosed party space on the site of the former ‘elevator tower’ hides a beautiful view from the roof on the tenth floor. In 2018, there was a competition to give new meaning to this roof. The winning concept was submitted by Bram van Grinsven. In the future, his sky bar – called Elevator – will allow you to enjoy a drink with a view over the ports, Katendrecht and the Kop van Zuid (the ‘Head of the South’ district). The glass floor protruding over the old concrete silo walls allows visitors to hover over the port.

the program on this roof