Rotterdam Building

Address Aert van Nesstraat 45

The Rotterdam Building, situated between the Lijnbaan and the Coolsingel, was constructed in the 1970s by architect Kraaijvanger. In 2023, the building underwent transformation into flexible and versatile co-working and office spaces catering to various types of tenants.

With this transformation, over 2000 m² of terrace and balcony space becomes available. The building offers a range of new functions such as a meeting center, event spaces, and a new restaurant concept. Through a more transparent plinth and the addition of terraces and balconies, the building establishes a stronger connection with the city. During your visit to this rooftop, you’ll find yourself amidst the bustling city, overlooking the vibrancy of the downtown area and the modern buildings surrounding the Lijnbaan.

The program ons this roof